Workout as key to weightloss? Not if you want to be trim forever


Working out with the intent of weightloss is like heating with your windows wide open

If we want our apartment to be warm, we must close the windows

Do you want to lose fat and you can’t? Would you like me to tell you a little secret?

You can go to all workouts this world is offering you, hire the best trainers, and I can still guarantee you, that this will not bring you a PERMANENT trim body and health. Why? Simply because you started fixing your body at the wrong end of the stick. 

When you keep your body trim solely with workout, it is as if you opened central heating in December and then you widely opened all windows.

You wanted to heat the apartment but you had a poor success. You are still cold, tired from putting wood on fire. Plus, you spent all that money on oil or wood. Well, thousands of people all around the world are doing exactly that type of nonsense every month. They are spending money on things that don’t cure the cause of their problem. 

In fact, all they needed to do is one simple thing:

They should close the damn windows

Repetitive story of the 21. century: Workout is the solution for all of your problem

Today we have 101 types of workout

The world has become obsessed with workout. Zumba, cross fit, boot camp, HIIT, fitness, pilates, yoga and much more. What is interesting is that most people don’t visit those for their eternal love for workout.

Ask 10 fitness visitors about why they are there. I am sure 6 will sweat on too loud music with primal focus on better looks and weight loss. They will be there despite the fact they don’t like to smell the sweat of strangers. 2 of them will do it, because they are some personal trainers who post their workouts on Instagram to lead by example. One of them will be there purely because the weather outside is not yet nice enough for his sports activities and one will be there just to hit on the cute receptionist. 

You will not find people that genuinely love sports there in most cases. They will be in the mountains, on a football match, or maybe they will be cycling or walking around in the nature and ski in the winter.

This blog is not meant to mock those who like to go to fitness. It is meant to prevent the wrong kind of crowd to go to fitness. Let’s face it. Most people would not be there if it wasn’t their desire to lose fat.

I also wrote this blog to tell you that hiring personal trainers purely out of desire for weight loss is an unnecessary waste of your money. 

Don’t get me wrong and hate me, my personal trainer friends. I have a lot of friends that are sports experts and personal trainers. They play an important role in society and possess a lot of knowledge. They come in handy when you recover after injuries or when you want to learn the proper running technique to prevent pain. They are also wonderful as agents of prevention, when you ask them to help you work on the muscles and joints that get stiff because of office work etc. Also, it is great if you visit workouts to release stress and to focus on your wellbeing, so you can be more effective and present for your friends and family

However, if you hire them solely because you want to lose fat, you are stealing the money from your family, you could use on vacation. One hour with personal trainer costs approx. 30 € and if you should lose 10 or 20 kg, you will be paying that type of money for quite some time. All that just so he could help you with the issue that is not even a matter of workout.

To develop a normal body, you don’t need an abnormal workout effort

So who are the people who, in my opinion, don’t need a personal trainer? This is us, ordinary people.

I am talking about a mom, who has gained weight before and after birth and about an industry worker who has trouble tying his shoe lace because of his belly. These are usually the people who just wish to have a body that serves them instead of a body that burdens them.

They don’t have an ambition to go to Olympics or to win an Ironman. Well, at least for now they don’t. The main goal they have is not to become tired on their way to work. They want to make sure that they will be able to play with children with ease and that after a long time they will feel sexy and attractive in their own skin.

If you found yourself in the description of this group, this message is for you: 

Workout for weight loss is an absurd concept

Stop working out to lose weight!

If you train and at the same time eat food your body genuinely doesn’t like, you do yourself more harm than good. 

How do I know if my food is hurting me? There are many signs of it.

The body is actually screaming at us all the time. However we are used to ignoring it or shutting it down. Let me show you what I mean by screaming: Obesity, acid reflux, menstrual pain, muscle cramps, stomach pain, being bloated, constipation and indigestion, acne, headache, allergies, phlegm in your mouth etc.

This is your body screaming! If you take magnesium pills to ease your menstrual pain or muscle cramps, you only put a bandage over your body’s mouth. Don’t fool yourself. You can’t help your body by adding something into it. You can only truly help it by taking away the excess foods, which irritate your body to the point of “screaming” at you: “Not cool food mate!”

So how can you figure out the answer to your questions? Check out your plate! 

Food poisoning

Modern diet is poisoning us

You don’t trust me? 

Take a look at this issue from a new perspective. You haven’t always been sick, tired and full of pain. In certain era of life, you started gaining weight or your stomach started hurting. That was not from the air but from the wrong stuff you have been putting inside your mouth. You got yourself poisoned with this food which made you lose your interest in being active. 

In order for you to understand the whole poison concept, let’s call your favorite food (let’s say that is a homemade salami or cheese) POISON and let’s use this word in a sentence.

I ate a piece of bread with some POISON for breakfast, then for snack I felt like eating just a piece of POISON to satisfy my taste buds. After lunch a group of friends came to visit, so to be a good host, I sliced some poison for them. After they left, I ate the leftovers, but I did it without bread so I wouldn’t gain weight. After I lay down to sleep, my stomach hurt and I couldn’t sleep even though I was tired. Perhaps I drank too much wine and eat too much gluten…

This is who we are. We don’t know what is poisoning us, or we simply believe in some foods so much, that we refuse to accept the truth about what is poisoning us.

Let’s assume we would gain all wisdom at once and we would figure out what the poison was and we would start treating this POISON accordingly.

What would a doctor do, if you came to him sick and he would do some tests and discover you were poisoned? I doubt he would tell you to go home, eat some poison, but a little less. I doubt he would do that. As a good doctor he would by all means tell you to eliminate poison altogether. 

What we wouldn’t give to our pets, we gladly eat ourselves

Does cat get fat from stress, food or lack of exercise?

Let me give you an even better comparison. Do you have a cat or a dog at home? You all know our furry friends sometimes swallow things they shouldn’t eat and get poisoned.

What do you do when your dog or cat becomes tired and just wants to lie around all day?

Do you put poison into their mouths? Do you nod your head and tell them, well my dear friend you will have to do some work out!

I assume you are reasonable and you don’t do things like that. If your pet is acting weird and sluggish, one of your first questions should be: “Hmmm, what’s the matter with him. Did he eat something bad? He sure looks poisoned.”

Isn’t it interesting how we go straight to the issue when it comes to our four-legged friends? We know most poisons come into their body from the outside sources, let that be their intestine or their skin. 

However, what we do when it comes to our slugishness and health issues? How do we explain ourselves our laziness, bloated stomach and tiredness? Well, we immediately start the debate on work stress, lack of motivation, childhood trauma etc.

In most cases, the issue can be solved by going back to the basics.

Take a look at the content of your plate!

Workout won’t rescue a poisoned body

If we talked about the fact, that you wouldn’t force a poisoned cat to run around the block or on a treadmill, why the f*** are you doing it to yourself?

What an absurd it is to force a poisoned person to do military exercise and squats when the poison is clearly preventing him from doing that.

What is even more interesting is that we are living this absurd from day to day. We believe in this absurd and we firmly support it, since all the sports experts, doctors and our parents go on and on about its importance.

Training doesn't make the poison go away

When I ask people if they know the reason, why they are too heavy, they usually say with regret in their voice that they just don’t workout enough. They say that while they go to Zumba two times per week, once to body pump and once to a hike to the nearest hill. 



First of all, if you have 10 or 5 kilos too much and you exercise to lose that, you might as well quit. 

Just quit.

Any excess weight or constipation or reflux or anything related to your gut (there are lots of those things but let’s stick with the obvious for starters), then my dear people, you are poisoned! 

Until you kick that poison out of your body, you will make your body suffer even more. First of all, it will be burdened by the poison and second, the workout will make it even more tired.

Do you understand what I mean? At this instant, stop with your workout, fitness, running, whatever, and take a look at your f***** plate! 

If you manage to dismiss all the poison from it and put the cure on it instead, your body will naturally take off the fat, your constipation will end, and so will man diet related issues end.

Fit athletes that eat junk

But people can lose weight by exercising more and eating a bit differently, I say it with my own eyes. Besides, I know of many athletes, who are muscular and eat exactly the things you say not to eat! Many of them even drink alcohol and are still fit. 

It’s true, there are people like that. However, let’s be honest. I know you will agree with me that most of us see those athletes in magazines while they are at the peak of their careers. They train a lot and are in good shape. However, have you seen what happens to most of them after their careers?

I will never forget that summer, when I met an ex professional footballer that belonged to a retired generation of footballers that played very successfully for our national team and qualified for world championship. It was only a year or two after the championship and also a year that passed since he stopped playing football professionally. I walked passed a man with a big belly and a red face who had at least 20 kilos of excess weight. There was something about his face that moved my memory… Dear god, only when he was already a few meters pass me, it finally struck me, who he was. 

Injuries and bad recovery are a companion of a lot of poisoned athletes

You see, a fit body is only one of the many signs of health. After all, people that do chemo also become skinny, but that doesn’t make you go get those pills, yes? 

The major issue of athletes is that while they are training they use a lot of energy, therefor calories. That is why POISON won’t fall on their hips or bellies but poison will show in other ways. The body doesn’t recover so well, they get cramps more often, they are less focused, they get tired more quickly, plus they are more susceptible to injuries. Moreover, how somebody looks on the outside, is not always a good representative of what is happening on the outside. Clogged arteries, sudden strokes, arrythmias, unusual injuries can all be signs of the fact, that this athlete was POISONED while he was putting his body under huge stresses of professional workout. Moreover, good outside looks is not always a representative of a healthy inner body. 

It’s not all gold that shines

I also have a quick message considering my fitness buddies… Most of us see you smiley photos that were taken on stage, where you show off your muscles. However, most of you don’t know how these people look on the rest 364 days (off season). Some of them it is hard to recognize because of all the fat they carry around.

FWI, I read somewhere (don’t remember the source so I might be mistaken) that in general professional athletes tend to live 10-20 years less than the general population. So are we really going to take them as an example of a healthy living we wish to live by?

Looks and muscle are only one sign of health

Is that what you want for your life? A few years of showing off your abs and then heart attack at the gym at 39? If you are only looking for your 5 minutes of health, go ahead. However, if you wish to have a long and fruitful life, I feel it’s better to seek advice elsewhere. 

As for me, I wish other things in life. Happiness, health and a nice family life are at the top of my list. I want to be able to go to the nearest hill by foot until I am 90 I’d like to be able to play some tennis or volleyball whenever I feel like and read my beloved books. That is why I know that the key to get those things is in moderate exercise and in NON-POISONOUS foods.

What about the 80% 20% rule? 

80 percent of a nice body represents the food and 20 is fitness? 

Well, this was made just so they can still sell you a fitness membership and a personal trainer. 

Well, the reality is this. If you will eat food that is healthy and doesn’t poison you, you will be healthy and trim. If you will want to have bigger muscle, of course, you will have to train to get them. Workout will give your body more shape, power and overall endurance so it will be easier for you to cope with daily challenges. That should be the goal of doing sports anyway. That and having fun of course and not weight loss.

Muscles need challenge and effort to grow. So does your brain. As Jim Rohn (famous businessman from the 21. century) once said: “What you don’t use, you lose!” 

So if you want to grow or keep your muscles and brain, you should use them every day.

For the brain you may use my blog.

It can train your brain, since I know it will be a challenge for most of you. Many times you will refuse to read it and it will get on your nerves. However, if you will just try to follow its rules for a short period of time, you will like it more and more. The more you will apply its information into practice and the more they will help you, the more you will be eager to learn more.

What about workout for heart strength and lung capacity?

I will repeat my original thought again. You are poisoned. If you will put pressure on your heart while poison runs through it, the heart might abort cooperation with you. 

It might say something like: »You maroon. First you poison me, now you torture me. Well, count me out of this stupidity!”

Are we clear now?

Stop working out until you are POISONED. First seek out the poison on your plate and eliminate it. Once you feel the effects of poison going away, go do only the workout that feels good for you. If that’s walking, go walk, if you feel like cycling, go cycling etc.

It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you do something where your heart not only works out, but is also jumping up and down out of pure joy.

In workout’s defense

I certainly wish you will not see this blog as an advice not to workout. Workout and movement are a basic part of our natural evolution. After all we are, as much as we are smart and evolved, a type of animal. All animals move. That is why you should do it too. Your body was created for workout. Muscles on your arms and legs were developed for you to use them. 

But so was brain.

Use them wisely and activate your body in the most natural and convenient ways. 

Use the bike for everyday activities or simply walk

You can easily visit the store by going there on foot or with a bike. You just have to take a big backpack with you. You can also do errands like going to the bank or post office in the same way. Don’t sit in the car for every little nonsense. My friends on Facebook whine and complain about how expensive gas is. Well, if you didn’t use your four wheel box for every mile you have to travel, you could save some of that money. 

If you do visit a fitness that is located in the higher floor, don’t make a fool out of yourself by using the life. If I see you do that, don’t wish for my respect, seriously. 

Instead of sitting on coffees all day with your girlfriends and spend money, go to a long walk instead. Later have a healthy dinner at one of your homes instead of ice cream and pizza.

Celebrate birthdays by organizing an open-air picnic at a location that offers you the opportunity to compete in sports while you are there.

Spend your free time in an active way

Take a bike to your vacation or borrow it. Swim, walk, make yoga at the beach, or just dress up and go on a long walk by the sea. If you are in the car, nobody will see how good you look. 

You can also go to the park where they have bars for workouts and try to lift your body. Just for fun. If you have children, put them behind your neck and walk or even do lunges with them if you are fit enough. They will love it and you will activate your muscles. 

Do whatever you like but remember that workout should never be a chore or just a way to reach your goal. As for me, workout should be something you are truly looking forward to doing. 

If the only joy workout brings you is the vision of you becoming trim, I am sure you will fail in the long run again. 

This is just what I think and what turned out to be true for a lot of people I worked with in the past.

My relationship with workout

Childhood in movement

Many of you, especially those who know me and my family (“athletic” family), will say, what is she telling me, she love sports anyways. Just to be clear, even as a child, my favorite hobby were books, not so much sports. 

Mom had to force me many times to leave my room. As some of you read in my first blog, I had lots of health issues, because of which I was less opened to running around. I too was eating the food that was poisoning me.

I only like sports because I am a highly competitive person. My mom (sports teacher) knew how to organize the activities with my sister in a way that besides our bodies she also stimulated our minds. Therefor we would bounce the ball against our house’s wall with a volleyball moves and try to beat each other. On the garden behind our house we used to do handstand and try to hold it as long as possible. Also my dad fixed up a basketball hoop on our front yard so we could play some one on one basketball. 

I loved that I admit. But only because it felt like a play, not like an effort or struggle.

Even later, in primary school and high school I liked all sports that made me learn new skills. It is not hard to do pushups when you compete against a colleague and you know you need strength to be better at your sport.. When I trained football it was not difficult to run, because I wanted to score a goal. Lots of times I didn’t feel like going to trainings, but my folks didn’t allow me to miss trainings. 

Problems that occur when we workout poisoned

All of these principles of sticking out were okay. What was not okay was the fact that I was training poisoned. I was nervous a lot on my trainings and had cramps in my legs at night and severe pain. I had numerous injuries, sprigged ankle, issues with my knees, ruptured muscles etc. 

If I knew back then what I know today, I am sure I wouldn’t be poisoning myself and I firmly believe my sports performance would also be better. 

All I wanted from you to learn from my story are the following two lectures: 

1.       Any person that is poisoned is lazy and has to force himself to workout. He also has to accept that by being poisoned, he is more susceptive to pain and injuries.

2.       People like to play, compete and have fun. Workout has to bring us a permanent pleasure on at least one of those three areas or else we will ditch it as soon as we reach our goal. That is utterly useless because people are a species, made for constant movement and not just for movement to accomplish a fit body.

Message to take home

Workout should be a natural consequence of well-being and not a way to achieve well-being

To conclude, if we consider everything we have talked about, the only right way to make the cat (or us) move again, is to ELIMINATE feeding it with POISON.

The second step is to start feeding the cat with the optimal food for which it was evolutionary designed for. Cats are beasts with short intestine and night vision and other features of predators therefor to remain healthy and good looking they should mostly eat dead corps. 

However we are not cats. We have long intestine with intestinal villi, flat teeth and other features of creatures that are in general plant eaters. Therefor we should remove from our plates everything that is not our food and put on it a lot of what is our food.

Once we resolve this issue, workout will not be a problem. Even after a few days, when you stopped poisoning yourself with food, you will feel the need to move. At the beginning it will probably be just a simple need to go for a walk and stretch. Respect that need and go out and walk as much and as fast as you like. 

Once you come home and you feel hungry and thirsty drink some water and eat the food that feeds you, and not the food that poisons you.

So which are the poisons that you should blame in the summer when you hate to see your body in your swimwear? Which is the food that makes your body lazy and unmotivated? 

I wrote and entire blog on this topic, so don’t forget to read it, plus make sure you subscribe to our news. At the same time, you are invited to follow me on Facebooku and Instagram. And as if that’s not enough you can also join my free 21 day challenge, where you start to eat by the concept I recommend and you get my personal online support plus support from a specially designed Facebook group. Results in weight loss and better wellbeing among participants are great. If you wish to apply for personal mentorship, you can write me through my website or you can send me an email to 

Once you have read the previously mentioned blog on poisons of today’s nutrition and decide to obey it, do yourself a favor and cancel that gym membership. Instead by a cheap airplane ticket to Tenerife and have some sun and surf a little. You will take care of both your heart and your body. Of course if you love your fitness, stay there by all means. Who am I to tell you what you like and don’t like?

But don’t forget the most important lesson: Make sure you stop poisoning yourself. After you have removed the poison, then go ahead and start to workout.

Not because you “HAVE TO” but because you “WANT TO”.

I wish you all a successful and lovely day.

Lucky Shelly


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