Excess fat – is it really only a matter of “setting” up your head?

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When it comes to health and weight loss, do we really just have to "fix" our head?

This is a sentence most common among people, who have too much fat on their bodies. They say, oh, I know, I just have to fix my head. I just need to convince myself to have smaller portions and to eat less sweets and I will lose weight. 

Usually those people have successfully lost weight in the past by cutting back. However, they somehow got all the weight back eventually as soon as they “relaxed” too much.

The second group that is spreading around this nonsense is the ones who managed to lose weight and even keep. However they did that by rigorous workout and watching every day not to eat too much rice or potato for their main meal. 

All their head really is, is just one big battlefield between desire for food and desire to keep a thin body. As the years go by, most of them start to lose this endless battle once again. 

It has been 7 years since I lost all the excess weight and I never got it back. All I can tell you is that you only need to do one thing in your head. And that is a decision you’ve had enough. For all the rest you just need to fix the environment and start to follow the true human diet and not your clueless head.

Let me explain.

As I stated in the blogs 1 and 2 about the silly weight loss advice, we can’t trust our bodies any more when it comes to food. The mind and body we have today have evolved millions of years ago, but the food environment we have today is totally different! We used to live in a cruel world where food was a luxury, and a human being was lucky to see another day light every day at a time. 

A person started his every day with a question: What am I going to eat today, so I will be able to stay alive and mate? 

Today we face a whole other question: What do I have to eat and what I shouldn’t eat, so I won’t get to fat. What diet do I need to stay healthy and attractive so I will still have a chance to mate with somebody?

As you can see, the change of environment has majorly affected the type of questions we set to ourselves today.

However, our primary goal has stayed the same as did millions of years ag: »Stay alive and well for as long as you can, so you can continue your species! «

It’s the environment not the head!

Our brain function the same as they did for millions of years

I hope what I told you, has made you realize how our head has remained the same while our environment has totally changed. 

So if we know the head has the same goal, while the world is totally different, we just need to make sure we fix the environment to be more similar to the past. We have to do this in a way, that the environment will enable us best chances for good health so we will have the best circumstances for mating. Of course we don’t think about mating in a conscious way all the time (well, some people might), however the drive exists in sub consciousness all the time. Even the people who “don’t want kids” have a desire for having sex that isn’t smaller like the desire with other people.

I hope my words won’t make you wish to go to live in a cave again and poop and pee wherever you feel like or to jump on the first male or female you find attractive.

No, my intent was only to show you, that in order to become fit and healthy, you need to put the right kind of food our ancestors ate back into your environment. 

First, of course we must agree about what that food actually was. On the basis of reading about different theories about that, I decided Dr. John McDougall has the most arguments and historic and actual living proofs that support his thesis. This theory is also accepted by Dr. Alan Goldhammer and Dr. Doug Lisle who run a very successful fasting facility. Dr. McDougall has spent half of his life (nearly 40 years) exploring what diet has human been made for. He came to the conclusion, that a man was designed for a starch based diet with added fruits and vegetables.

A man's favorite diet is tasty, satisfying and easy to store

I am planning to do a bigger blog on diet of our ancestors that is why today, we will merely touch this subject. I will only stress why I trust Dr. McDougall more then I trust the representors of other meat and vegan diets. 

The representors of meat based diets claim that a man was a hunter and he has eaten meat since forever. I cannot deny the fact, that a human has ALSO eaten the meat. However, that doesn’t mean that meat was a center of his diet. Actually, I firmly believe, it was quite the opposite and the meat was more of a lucky strike then a permanent deal. 

I have several reasons to believe that, which I will present to you at some other time. Today, I am just going to stress some of the paradoxes, some archeologists seemed to forget. I just want you to think about them and make your own conclusions at the end of the day. 

Are paintings and drawings a proof of an EVERYDAY life?

The paintings people from the past made, show people how they hunted or killed animals a lot of the time. Does that prove they ate mostly meat? Well in my opinion that only proves that human brain were the same as they are today? We tend to write or capture mostly the extraordinary things we do, and not the boring stuff we do every day. The walls of caves would become full quite quickly if men would paint women who cook potatoes in their caves every day, what do you think? Today’s people habits make me think I am right with this one.

Do people paint and write about ordinary or unordinary events?

See, my cousin loves to travel, but due to her job and studies, she manages to do that only two times per year. Just recently she complained to me, how people say how lucky she is because she travels “all the time”. I said to her that is only logical. “You only post on Facebook when you travel, so that is all what people see. They don’t see the rest 300 days you spend buried under papers in an office, do they?” I asked. She figured out I was right. But of course, that won’t make her publish the office pictures often, so most of the people will think how lucky she is to constantly travel the world and have fun.

Exactly this human habit to record only the unusual events, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of assuming that person does that every day. Actually it is wiser to assume, this is more the exception than a rule. 

Are the animal bones in the archeological finding spots a proof that a man has been eating a lot of meat? 

In the archeological sites from Paleolithic they found bones of animals on which there were marks from tools that indicate cutting of the flesh and probably eating it. 

However, does this finding prove, that human mostly ate meat? 

Ask yourself why the researchers haven’t found any banana peels or seeds or nuts or remaining of veggies … 

Why they haven't found plant parts in the archeological findings on different sites?

Hint: When you pick up the potatoes from the field and you bake it in your oven with the peals on it, who after you can figure out you ate potatoes for lunch? And even if you peeled it; What happens with peels of potatoes after millions of years? That’s right, they become soil and they disappear, whereas those chicken wings you ate might stay for longer. 

If I still haven’t convinced you, let me just show you, the latest findings. Since the ice is melting, they have discovered several people that were nicely preserved in the ice.  This way they found people from different historic eras and they also dicovered what they mostly ate. 

By analyzing their bones they came to the conclusion, those people mostly ate plants. With better specimens (for example the Ice age man), they also managed to scan their teeth surface. What they found in his teeth could be a better example of his diet than a few bones in his village. 

What is on the teeth will most likely end up in stomach as well

So, what did they find? Inside this Ice age man’s teeth were cooked starchy granules. And this was not an isolated case, because they found cooked starch on the teeth of other prehistoric people all around the world.

With these new findings it becomes harder and harder to avoid the truth on what was the BASIC food of human beings. 

Why so many royal families have disappeared and the peasants have reproduced successfully?

They have however found something completely different in the tombs of Egyptians. After they have analyzed their preserved bodies, they discovered severe atherosclerosis and by analyzing their hair they concluded their diet depended heavily on meat.  The state of their bodies and the mere fact they died too young were showing the researchers what happens when a man moves too much away from the diet he was designed for.

Don't let king's diseases kill you as well

Eskimos also have the same issue of atherosclerosis and they mainly eat meat and live until they are about 60 years old. Same goes for Masai tribe, where men live mostly of meat and women from milk and their life expectancy is below 45 in average.

These are just a few cases from history that could teach us what we should and what we shouldn’t eat to stay fit, healthy and to live a long and fruitful life.

How can we change our environment in 5 simple steps?

I hope that the blogs you read made you realize that you cannot change your head. On the other hand, I hope you concluded how important it is to fix up your environment so it is the most similar to the kind that enables you to stay trim and healthy. 

The first step to get there is to learn about the kind of nutrition you should base your diet on and most importantly, why you should do that.

The second step for you is to realize that “food” you weren’t made for has no place inside your environment. Especially that is important when it comes to your home. As I’ve stressed many times before, this food is too calorically dense for your brain to refuse it. 

Our society keeps us away from the proper diet

The third step of course is to heavily stack your environment with food that is good for your body. Make sure you always have enough starch at home that stays edible for a long time and some fruits and veggies to get you through the week. 

If you don’t know how to do that, join our free 21 day challenge via message and get all the necessary materials to start a new kind of life. Also, feel free to follow me on InstagramYouTube and Facebook, because there you will be able to observe, how I easily transform my written words into a living practice. 

The fourth step for you is to make a strategy on eating outside of your home and on your work place. Since every individual has a different daily routine, I can help you with that personally. Just contact me via website and ask anything that bugs you. 

One of the biggest steps towards a healthy environment is to get the right food into your home and the wrong one out of it.

The fifth and the final step I highly recommend is EDUCATION. First of all if you don’t trust my blogs quite so much (which is fine by me) think about what exactly is that you eat. Even if you have a neighbor’s pig on your plate, you should see, how that pig became a steak or maybe even participate in the act. Since I can handle picking up a potato, you should be able to watch how your animal becomes “food”. If you still wish to eat it then, well who am I to object a “hunter”. By all means, start reading science based books and YouTube videos, subscribe for my newsletter and last but not least, use your brain. 

Message to take home

When you trust, trust the words that make most sense and have solid proofs in reality that they work. I did many mistakes in the past by trusting information too quickly. However, every mistake made me learn, and that is what counts most. 

The most you can do with your head is constant education and the usage of logic and thorough deep thought. You can’t change your instincts, but you can totally change the content of your fridge. You can go to the store with a thought in your mind that 80 % of what they sell there is not your food. 

If my words lack arguments, demand them. Share this blog with other people and ask them to say their thoughtful arguments to these words. At the end of the day, make your own choices but stand for them. If your choices will cause you to get in trouble, don’t blame your outcomes on bad genes or lack of will power. If you read my previous blogs, you now know you can transform your body no matter what genes you have.

Ignorance kills. Make sure you don’t become the victim of your own ignorance. 

You don’t need luck or incredible will power to do that. All you need is proper knowledge and a decision, that you will put this knowlede into practice! 

See you next week!

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