Child like easy instructions for sustainable fit body and optimum health

right food for fit body
You don't need a nutritionist or a personal trainer to obtain a fit body or good health

Today you will find hundreds of ways online on how to reach a fit body and optimum health. Coaches and nutritionists will try to prove you, that the case is severely complicated. They will say that in order for you to do this, you need a genetic analysis, blood test and a whole bunch of other nonsense. They will say that one way of eating doesn’t fit all people and that you need a personalized plan. 

They will let you believe that you are incompetent when it comes to getting a fit body and health. But I will tell you that is a bunch of balony.

There are quite a few individuals on this world, that know about a food plan that fits all human beings with the same amazing effects. If you still have diet related issues and you are struggling to get a fit body, you probably never heard of them. These people are Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Dr. Cladwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neil Barnard and many, many others. Their results with working with people are almost boring, because they always get similar results: fit body and chronical problems diminishing. Of course, their principles work, unless people change them according to their desires. 

And precisely that is the case why even people who are familiar with the rules, sometimes don’t get the desired results. Not because the rules don’t work for them. The reason is mostly in the fact, that people sometimes don’t understand the rules despite their simplicity. What you don’t fully understand, you can’t fully follow. To be frank, people often wish to understand, but their desires to stick with their old toxic habits are still strong. That is precisely why some people in their online comments claim enthusiastically how those doctor’s plans don’t work for them.

Reality is that people lie even to themselves or they are just not aware how every brake of the rule can cause them to fail. As Dr. Alan Goldhammer, the leading expert of the True North fasting center says… The same people that complain about the rules not working, “magically” reach fabulous health results and a fit body when they visit their fasting center. And just to be clear, they can eat unlimited while they are there and do very easy and light workouts. 

The “magic” simply happens because in that place, people can’t make a “sin” of going too far from the rules (for example they don’t eat too much nuts, dried fruits, juice or even other “tiny” mistakes in the shape of occasional treats)

The laws of nature always work while people commonly don’t

Precisely because of my own failures from the past I am more than aware of all the ways we can screw up as people. That is exactly why I composed for you very simple and clear guidelines for healthy living. With it, you will not only reach a fit body you desire, but you will also keep it forever! Plus, you will also become “immune” to the issues a large part of the population is facing today (constipation, acne, GERD etc.).

One "animal" kind, one kind of feed

This is a plan that is based on simple principles for fit body, that are easy to understand and that will work for all members of the family. It will work for tall, fat, small, thin, men and women. Why? because we all belong to the same species! The only difference among you, will be the amount of food you shall eat.

What you will probably like most about it, is that after this paragraph, you will know exactly, which foods are not your foods, which you can enjoy in moderate amounts and which you can eat as much as you can put in your face. All that, while still building a fabulous fit body. 

Yeah, you heard me. There are things in nature with which you can literally stuff yourself without the risk of getting fat. Yeeeeey.

On the other hand, I must warn you, that most kitchens (including yours I believe if you came across this blog) contain groceries, that we shouldn’t even call food, let alone eat it every single day and praise like someting special.

Before I tell you which these foods are, let me warn you that many of my statements will be directly opposite to your current beliefs and knowledge. I still urge you to at least give a chance to this article. Especially you should give it a chance if you already have one of the modern-day issues, such as excess weight, high blood pressure, cholesterol, acne, constipation, menstrual issues, infertility, allergies, chronic diseases (such as asthma) or autoimmune diseases (rheumatism, arthritis, multiple sclerosis etc.). 

If you have one of those issues, which by the way are not presents in some world populations (rural Africa and Asia), I advise you to at least read through it. New information on this topic won’t hurt you. The fact is that something in your life simply doesn’t work properly. If that was not the case, you most likely wouldn’t have one of those issues.

Have you ever asked yourself: what if the problem is the food?

Foods we shouldn’t call FOOD

To finally start, let’s take a look at the list of things, I wouldn’t have in my fridge if I were you. P.s.: In today’s blog I will merely tell you which these foods. I will however not dig deep into reasons why I discourage the usage of them. I will do this separately in some other blogs, simply because I want these topics to be as thorough as possible. That is why all these “foods” will get my special attention later. 

For starters, I would advise you to move away from all foods, that either came from inside of an animal (eggs and dairy) or they are dead animals. P.s.: fish and other sea creatures are also animals. So, dead corps is not our food in principle. However, nature made it possible for us to store fats for the purposes of survival in severe cases of famine. That is why we are able to eat them when there is no other food available and therfor we can prevent death from starving. However, if you are reading this piece on your phone or computer, I doubt not having enough food is your biggest worry. Having too much of the wrong kind is often a bigger issue. That is why feeding your body with other creature’s flesh is utterly unnecessary and also potentially very harmful for you in the long run. 

The problem of animal foods is that they only contain recycled protein from plants, saturated fats and cholesterol. None of those nutrients are not essential in your body and are therefor a totally unnecessary source of calories. On the other hand they contain almost no vitamins or minerals, nor do they have any fiber or carbohydrates that your body needs for its optimal living.

Dead remaining of animals are in principle food of the beasts like lions, hyenas, eagles with sharp claws and teeth. I will discuss all the reasons why animals are not primarily our food in the following months, so don’t forget to apply for my newsletter.

You were mistaken - I am not your food and nor is milk

Right on the second place of the NO-NO foods I would place the “new” foods made by human. Besides all the e-s and hardly pronounced ingredients, you must also pay close attention to added oils and fats. All the cookies, chips, roasted nuts, cakes etc. fall into this category. Vegetable oils and margarines are concentrated forms of fat and calories. In translate that means that people picked up a fruit or a seed or a nut, squeezed it and took out only the fattiest part and threw away the pulp with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber and everything else your gut would gladly accept. More thorough reasons on why I am never ever touching oils again I will share on some other occasion. Again, don’t forget to make sure to read it.

Save your money, and simply don’t buy oils and processed crap. And yes, that also goes for the super-duper fancy extra virgin olive oil and today very popular coconut fat. I will borrow the statement from one of the early mentioned doctors (I forgot which one said that) about the coconut milk that hit the spot: “The only miracle of the coconut fat is the sole fact that they still allow to sell it.” The problem of oil is that your body needs almost no effort to change this oil into the fat on your hips and belly. The fat you eat is the fat you will wear. Make sure you avoid this highly concentrated fat then. By the way, a few years ago, I also fell for that trend and brought home this coconut fat, with enthusiasm as if it was the best thing since they invented electricity. In reality, the only thing it was really good for was emptying my wallet. Ahh…. 

"Food", that is not food

Jeez, what can I even eat?!

To add to the previous discussion, added table sugar in food is not the best, nor are big amounts of salt. However, in small amounts (1/2 of a tea spoon per day), they will not hurt you even remotely as much as previously mentioned stuff. Still, if you must, use them only on the surface of already prepared dishes, not for the cooking. Today, people are afraid of sugar as if it was a nuclear bomb, that is why I will for sure write some article in the future about this supposedly “horrific” substance. Hint: sugar is not the worst thing you can eat, that I can say. Of course, make sure not to miss the article and apply for the newsletter.

At this point you are probably a bit freaked out. You must be questioning yourself in agony, what the hell can I even eat? How can I cook anything without oil? That’s so extreme. No worries. What I am suggesting is far from being extreme. The sad reality is that the only extreme thing is what we are doing to food and our health these days. 

What I am offering you is actually a childlike simple, delicious and nice way of eating. 

The simplest way for you to avoid the complications of canceling previously mentioned foods, is to stop buying food that is packed in boxes and plastic bags. Instead of this you should buy food you can measure on scales or that is at least present in very non attention seeking packages (beans, oat meal, millet etc.). This of course doesn’t comply with dead animals. Even if you can buy them from a butcher that doesn’t mean they are a good option for you. As I said, I will discuss the meat issue in one of my next articles, so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter and be the first to know about it.

A simple way to avoid all the thinking in your buying process and know what you shouldn’t buy consists of two points: 

  1. Did this “food” pee or poop or did it come from something that poops and pees? If the answer is yes, you shouldn’t eat it. 
  2. Does it come from a box or a bottle and you don’t understand the ingredients inside or it says it contains oil? Just to be on the safe side, don’t eat any of that.

Be careful with this food

Also, be very modest when eating foods that are natural yet very high in fats (seeds, nuts, avocados). By the way, because these foods are so popular among vegan Instagrammers and influencers and the media also praise them high, I used to buy nuts religiously every week. All that did for me was that it emptied my wallet yet again. What also happened was that every time I bought a bag of nuts, I couldn’t make myself stop eating them until I had eaten a whole bag.

Ever since I learned that a standard portion of avocado were 2 small table spoons, I waved it goodbye. In the store, I simply look at it with a slight anger and walk right by. 

If you happen to notice to have the same issue: If you also can’t and will not stop after eating 4 cashews, that blog is for you. I advise you to simply stop buying nuts altogether or use them strictly measured and just for special occasions if you want to build a fit body. In contrary to common belief, they are not essential for your good health. That is why it is safer for you not to buy them. Especially if they “call” you too loudly.

Now some of you (especially my vegan buddies) will be pretty mad at me after the previous words. Nuts after all are a whole natural food! I can’t disagree with that. Nor will I claim that nuts, seeds and avocados are unhealthy foods. However, be aware of the fact that nature knows how to serve those nuts much smarter than we do. I don’t know if you all know that but naturally fatty foods grow in seriously hard shells. I believe Mother Nature wanted to give you some work before you feast on them.

If you can crack me, then you can eat me.

I could be even more radical and guess (but seriously that is just my wild guess) that Mother Nature wanted to give nuts and seeds to other species that are naturally equipped to crack them. Squirrels and birds both have sharp teeth and beaks to do that easily. People on the other hand have to use tools. Birds for example have another interesting feature: They can fly. By flying, they can reach huge areas of land and if they eat and poop seeds, they are able to spread them around very wide. Therefore the possibility of hitting a fertile land and help grow a new plant is quite big. As I said, these are just my wild guesses that are not supported by any study I did or read. However, it is kind of funny to start thinking about nature in a new, inclusive way, isn’t it?

Isn’t it also funny, how in nature, everything seems to be in order, while people seem to have problems and issues all the time?

You all know very well how in the store, the nuts come to you conveniently packed, with no shells and by chance also salted. Try cracking a few nuts without a proper tool and you will soon figure out, that in order to eat a bigger amount, you will use a lot of your effort and time.

In the category of conscious eating I also put the food that is natural, but it is calorically denser because of the way it has been processed. This group involves tofu (some sort of soy cheese), tempeh, seitan (if you don’t know what that is, don’t even bother, they are not necessary in your diet). Also, you should be moderate in your usage of soy and other vegetable milks (that don’t contain oils), plus fruit juices, marmalades, dried fruits etc.

All of those are healthy foods, but they are still calories in liquid, concentrated or easily digestible forms. That is why it can easily happen that you eat more, than your body actually needs.

Eat, but do it in moderation

In principle, you can eat foods made out of whole grain flour like bread and pasta (with no eggs) in pretty high amounts. Still I would recommend that they don’t take the majority of your meals. After all, they are still calorically quite dense because of the process of turning wheat into flour and then flour into breads. 

As I said, eat them with awareness that they were partially man made and quite calorically dense.

A good idea is to make just one or two kilograms of bread per week for a family of 4 and focus that the majority of your meals are made out of even more natural foods.

Go for it and feast!

Finally we have reached the foods you can eat as much as your mouth can handle. By now you must be a bit desperate probably, since I have emptied almost the entire fridge with my recommendations above. 

My sweetness won't hurt you

Let me make you happy and tell you, that you can eat as much fresh or cooked or baked fruits and vegetables as you want. Try eating most of them as much similar as they grew. Why would you do extra work by putting them into a mixer when you can eat your fruits right away. Why not just bite or slice it? After all, we don’t just have teeth for looking good but they are there mostly for chewing. Teeth were invented by nature, mixers were our smart invention. You saw before how much a man can screw up by doing “magic” with his food and being what we call entrepreneurial…. 

Now that we have gone through fruits and veggies, I want to point out another important issue. Those two foods taste good but they don’t have many calories. If you stuff your stomach only with them, you will not be full for a long time and you will have a constant need for chewing. This is quite unpractical since a modern man has other things to do besides eating and chewing. If you want to avoid constant seeking for food, have those foods as snacks or adding to your main meals but not as the main ingredient.

Let us color your meal, but don't expect to be full for a long time because of us

If you will want to replace all your foods with those, you will most likely also fall into an inconvenient trap: You will have to figure out where the hell you can store so many vegetables. Plus you will spend quite a lot of money. But the worst of all will be the hole in your stomach demanding to be filled with more caloric foods.

The center of your food “solar” system

Finally we have come to the dishes that will make you full and happy. What is interesting about those foods is that most people think of them as “fattening” foods when the truth is quite the opposite. Numerous people avoid them, limit them and are generally fearful of them. Why do we fear them? Because we all love them! They are what we call, comfort foods.

Maybe you have guessed which those foods are. These are the so called starches such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, different grains (barley, corn, quinoa etc.) and legumes that will pleasantly take care of your satiety and will sustain you with energy for hours. 

***When thinking about starches be aware of the fact that for some people, especially those with kidney issues, legumes are difficult to digest because they contain more protein than other starches. Also, if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten allergy or intolerance, avoid foods that contain gluten. Celiac patients will have to do that forever, others might lose their intolerance after their gut heals its self. Since you will not hurt it with oils and animal foods any more, the intolerance to gluten might stop after a while as well. ***

Feast on us with a big spoon

That’s it?!

It is interesting, right, how I revealed you the hidden secrets of fit body and good health in just a few sentences? Now you must be wondering why you haven’t learned about that before and why isn’t everybody doing it. They would save a lot of money and health this way for sure.

Why people are not massively doing that? Well, that’s a whole new story. And since I have that story right in my own home, I will shortly share it with you guys. I promise it’s quite juicy. Don’t miss it and subscribe for my news.

Message to take home

I know most of you will not immediately jump on this idea and try to adopt this diet and lifestyle. I also know, this blog might raise a lot of doubt and criticism. After all, some people will feel offended by me, attacking their habits and food that they feel is their birth right. All in all, don’t take my words too personally. I only advise against some foods so strongly because I not only want best for the planet but I also want best for myself and our descendants.

Raising livestock and abusing them and their excretions violates not only animal rights, but also human rights. 

The obnoxious smell that reeks out of the hogs, the pollution from their feces, the degradation of the land they are gazing and the horrible shrieks and squeals animals make before they go on their last journeys also hurt people. 

Those people that live near slaughter houses or people who used to work there many times have similar psychological issues to posttraumatic stress soldiers have when they return from war zones. They smell, hear and feel violent deaths and they have to put up with insects coming into their homes due to nearby animals. 

And last but not least, animals produce the biggest chunk of all greenhouse gasses that are changing our climate. 

That is why the decision about what you eat is no longer just a matter of your preferences. It also says a lot about how much you care about your family, other people and generations that will come to live on this planet after you. 

During wars I fed your grandpa and grandma, that is why I am your allay, not your enemy.

The moment you will start looking at food from a wider perspective and you will start respecting nature and its other inhabitants (plants, animals, ecosystems) with your choices, nature will reward you with a fit body, sharp mind and fertility.

Don’t be mad at “God” if he doesn’t give you what you want if your behavior shows you don’t give a s*** about the world this “God” has created for you..

For me, animal products and processed foods were a small “price to pay” in comparison to the rewards I got in return. Today I have a fabulous digestion, fit body and better health. I also don’t have menstrual pain anymore and I feel alive and happy which you can check by following me on Facebook or Instagram

If this article made at least some sense to you, I challenge you to go on a 21 day challenge to test the statements made above. Don’t worry 21 days without eggs and meat and chips won’t kill you. In fact, I am convinced you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

In case you are interested in such challenge, we offer you a special Facebook group that was invented only with this purpose: To make your transition to natural foods as easy and smooth as possible. If you wish to participate in my challenge, contact me via this site. The challenge is free. 

To all the rest that will not take part in this challenge, I still thank you for being opened enough to go through the entire article. I know that the thought of giving up the foods you enjoy eating every day even more times a day seems extreme from your perspective. That’s not a problem. It means a lot to me that you at least took the issue of health into your own hands and that you were able to read through the entire article that directly opposes your current beliefs and values.

Just for this I highly respect you and wish you come back to this site some other time as well and tell me how you feel about the things I write about. You are also more than welcome to subscribe to our newsletter so you will not miss the more thorough explanations of the statements and claims I make. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see how I easily transfer my knowledge into practice. 

See ya next time!

Lucky Shelly