(Over)praised local and organic food – what is really healthy?

Home grown veggies are better than store bought and a free range pig is less bad than the one grown in overcrowded farms. However, if something is less bad, could we also call it good? If something is less good, does that mean it is all bad? See what terms like local and organic don’t tell when it comes to food.

Everything is okay in moderation – what is moderation anyway?

For years now the thin people who don’t have a clue about why they are thin have been telling the more curvy individuals the same stupid weight loss advice. The best thing for you is to eat everything in moderation. Advices that don’t work are not only worthless but actually harmful This sentence is also […]

Bad weight loss advice – listen to your body, we are all different

Last week I thoroughly informed you why you shouldn’t listen to the most common weight loss advice: “Eat less, move more”. Today we are going to discuss an advice that is actually not so bad in principle. However, people interpret it in a wrong way. They follow it when they have cravings for chocolate or other […]

Workout as key to weightloss? Not if you want to be trim forever

Working out with the intent of weightloss is like heating with your windows wide open <figure> <img width=”480″ height=”365″ src=”https://luckyshelly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/empty-retro-room-with-open-window-PE8NDKF.jpg” alt=”” srcset=”https://luckyshelly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/empty-retro-room-with-open-window-PE8NDKF.jpg 480w, https://luckyshelly.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/empty-retro-room-with-open-window-PE8NDKF-300×228.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 480px) 100vw, 480px” /> <figcaption>If we want our apartment to be warm, we must close the windows</figcaption> </figure> Do you want to lose fat and you can’t? Would you […]

Carbs, protein and fiber – why not speak food for once?

How to confuse someone best? By using the words he doesn’t understand »For breakfast I eat some carbs, some protein and a few fats, same goes for lunch while in the evening I only eat protein and fiber .« I read something similar on Facebook every day since I am a member of a few […]

Child like easy instructions for sustainable fit body and optimum health

You don’t need a nutritionist or a personal trainer to obtain a fit body or good health Today you will find hundreds of ways online on how to reach a fit body and optimum health. Coaches and nutritionists will try to prove you, that the case is severely complicated. They will say that in order […]

Weight loss – How not get sick, broke or miserable while doing it

The truth is simple and easy to understand. That is why it is not so popular Weight loss, health, exercise and happiness have captured my attention in the past 7 years. I’ve learned a lot in this period. Unfortunately when you learn, you catch a lot of crap in the process. Thankfully among that crap […]


Vsebine blagovne znamke Lucky Shelly spadajo pod društvo Ena Pot in jih varuje Zakon o avtorski in sorodnih pravicah (ZASP). Do vsebine lahko dostopajo vsi člani kluba Lucky Shelly, ki se odločijo, da bodo s srcem in prostovoljno donacijo podprli delovanje neprofitnega društva. S prostovoljno donacijo imajo doniranci možnost, da dobijo izbrane vsebine brezplačno.

Društvo na podlagi Ustave Republike Slovenije (URS) prepoveduje, da državni organi in njegovi zaposleni dostopajo do vsebin društva.

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