Carbs, protein and fiber – why not speak food for once?

How to confuse someone best? By using the words he doesn't understand

»For breakfast I eat some carbs, some protein and a few fats, same goes for lunch while in the evening I only eat protein and fiber .« I read something similar on Facebook every day since I am a member of a few groups where people exchange their experience and knowledge to help each other become more fit and healthy. These are the groups where people publish what they eat, what they want to know about nutrition and they try to help each other on the path towards healthy and fit body. 

Now I want to ask you something. Do you also have a problem with the first sentence? Maybe I am the only one, but I can’t seem to figure out what the person who wrote it actually eats. Of course, due to some experience I have in this field, I kind of get a sense of what these foods are, but still those words can mean anything and they also exclude quite a few things. 

Who among us actually knows (if you haven’t been digging too much into nutrition) what the health carbs, fats, fiber and famous protein actually are? I needed quite a few years to figure that out. The sad thing is that if I was a bit smarter back then, I could spare myself these efforts. On the other hand, people in my country and I guess in other countries as well know quite well what apples, pears, salami, cheese, mayonnaise, steak, fish, bread, potato, beans and other foods are. 

If you don’t understand the words, you can’t understand the world 

Do I even know anything about food?

I will never forget, how my anthropology faculty teacher told us how words create meaning and how they were essential to transfer meanings among people. The power of her words came most obvious, when I realized, that words can also be used to create misleading and confusion among people. 

If you don’t know what carbs and fiber are, that doesn’t mean you are stupid or uneducated. It simply means that somebody is trying to take you away from the simple understanding of food as such. I am sure you’ve heard in the media how our food lacked fiber and complexed carbs and how we ate too much of the saturated fats, cholesterol and too much trans-fats and sugar.

What do all those knowledgeable words even mean?

Let me explain those words in a matter that will be immediately clear for you: Foods that grow from the ground or trees and bushes (plants) are the ONLY ONES that naturally contain fiber and the ONLY SOURCES of complexed carbs. 

On the other hand the foods we make by killing animals and process them are the ONLY ones that contain saturated fats and cholesterol. This category includes all meats, fish, eggs and all dairy.

Foods that contain simple sugars and trans-fats are all processed foods you can find on the shelves of preoccupied grocery stores. These are sweet breakfast cereal, chocolates, cookies, cakes, pastries, chips, etc. 

If you don't understand the fancy words like carbs, protein and fiber, you aren't stupid, just deceived

The truth is simple and easy to understand

Why don’t smart ladies and gentlemen on television and in newspapers simply tell you this:

Eat unlimited amounts of fruits, vegetables and unprocessed grains, legumes and potatoes. Eat animal foods such as meats and eggs only for special holidays if you must. Stop eating dairy, all oils and also stop consuming processed store bought products, margarines, diet drinks etc.

Only this one paragraph could save many lives and also the content of your wallets. However, our world simply doesn’t work that way.

Businesses and companies are fighting for their spaces on the shelves, entrepreneurial butchers are driving around in their fancy cars, dairy people can request for funds from European Union to raise livestock. It is in their interest that you consume their products every day, so they will try to convince you and themselves that their food is good for you. If you were buying the foods that are actually beneficial to your health, they wouldn’t be able to sell theirs. It’s just business.

Same goes for the producers of coffee, alcohol and pharmaceutical industry plus the industry of nutritional supplements and “super” foods, beauty industry and many others. 

The only people who need to be “drugged”, are the ones “lacking” something

The first two groups mentioned in the last paragraphs like to “drug” you and they wish to keep doing that. If you, however, got the real energy and a positive mindset from a fit and healthy body, you wouldn’t feel the need for morning hit (I’m assuming that’s coffee). Also, when you feel fit and healthy you kind of lose interest for Friday alcohol quests plus you would feel the side effects of alcohol use much more strongly. 

When you are healthy, the need for using any sorts of recreational drugs is falling while the need for going to the nature, working out and hanging out with your family playing board games is increasing.

So if you choose to go hiking Friday afternoon or eating a good breakfast on a Monday morning, those guys can’t earn a dime that is why they won’t be particularly interested in encouraging you to do the right thing for yourself. It’s bad for bizz.

Sickness is a million dollar business but chronic sickness is a billion dollar business

So what does pharma has to do with the deceiving story? Well, you know, chronically ill people are a goldmine for those companies. They have to use the drugs they make in the long run, some of them all their lives. And these drugs don’t cure you. They just ease the symptoms of the disease you actually have. 

Certainly you know a person or two who has a heart disease or a nonfunctional thyroid or diabetes who has told you that sadly he will have to take drugs for the rest of their life.

It’s a sh*** life, where you have to think every day whether you have taken all the tablets so you will not have a stroke the next morning when you go to work you might not even like. 

But because you, your parents or grandparents are taking pills every day, some company can win a prize for a highly flourishing business and they can pay their employees big rewards at the end of the year. 

Classrooms on pharmaceutical faculties are of course full of intelligent and ambitious students who wish to follow those steps. Of course, we can’t blame them. Those professions are highly respected in the communities and also well paid. 

Tobacco is losing, which is giving me hope

So those three players won’t tell you the truth. However, since it was the same with tobacco companies in the past, I assume the shift will happen on other areas as well. Like with tobacco, all you need is a few “extreme” and “fanatical” activists and doctors who will dare to speak up and spread the truth. My hope is that the food and drug industry will be grabbed by the neck in the same way as tobacco was. 

One of the concerns is that tobacco (much like food and drug industry) already has some loyal addicts who will smoke no matter what. They will smoke even though because of that nasty habit they stink like an old ashtray and cough like a clogged chimney. Pity … 

Just as the tobacco industry the pharma will try to keep you as their customer. Moreover, they have figured out that people are more and more afraid of drugs that is why they spread their legs into a field of nutritional supplements. They went to pick up € to the place where many other companies found their fortunes.  

Do you really need all those extra vitamins?

After figuring out that people are losing battles with modern type nutrition, smart companies moved in their bucket for gold. This has paid of tremendously since today almost everybody is taking supplements to their diet: Some take extra fiber, the ones who work out add BCAA or protein or they at least take omega 3 fatty acids, since they don’t eat “enough” fish. Sadly I fell for this propaganda in the past as well so I am just as disappointed as you probably are. In reality, all those things are simply a distraction that is moving your view away from the elephant in the room. The elephant is the food you eat every day and the way you live your life. The answer to your issues is to fix those. Adding stuff won’t help you in the long run. Taking things away will. If you don’t do that, you will fight all your life with disease, obesity, indigestion, tiredness, acne etc. 

Just as supplement companies pharma is offering you this and that herbal extract to fix your issues and they have very strong Facebook an Instagram campaigns and use influencers to sell their goods. 

Thankfully I get to know this field quite well and also the alternative to all this “magical” foods to fall for it more than once. You can read about my own story how I got it in my blog.

All healthy living creatures are beautiful

Now you will say: “Okay, okay I believe you for the pharma and the supplements, but what has beauty industry got to do with that?”

Well, this fella is a bit more disguised. Just take a look at how many companies are successfully selling lipsticks, perfumes and different scented lotions and anti-age serums.

When it comes to beauty, I want to ask you one simple question: Which are the most attractive boys and girls?  Those girls who have to cover up their acne with tones of concealer? Are boys that have to cover their sour body smell with tons of perfume and cologne? 

I don’t really think so. I think nothing is as attractive as clear skin on the face with slightly pink cheeks and a pleasant, natural body scent. 

Power of internal beauty is stronger than any perfume

I’m sure somebody must have heard an unpleasant story from a guy that drank too much on a Friday, hooked up with a girl and then ran away in the morning when he saw her “real” face. 

Lipstick and perfume can only last for a while and cover up the “rotten” interior. Sadly, a lot of people nowadays are “sick”. I put sickness in quotations because I consider “regular” issues such as indigestion, bad breath, severe gases, acne, being too fat a sickness. And because so many people today smell bad and has a non-vibrant skin, the beauty industry is a big hit today.

Sometimes when I walk by some male, my eyes almost get all soppy from the sweetness of his perfume. A lot of times I also pass by a girl, for which I wonder how she looks like under all that heavy makeup. I use lipstick sometimes to be fair, but more to surprise my boyfriend and to highlight my best features, not so much to cover up the flaws or “disease”.

Luckily or bodies are constantly dragging us towards beautiful and healthy away from sick and ugly. At least my body seems to work this way that is why strong perfumes disgust me and fat layers of makeup make me unease.

Recommendations should be clear

What I am advising you to do doesn’t require some special intelligence and a high level of nutritional education on what carbs or protein is. It doesn’t even require from you to know your blood type or genetic coding. 

All you need to know is which groups of foods you should avoid, which you can eat in small amounts and which you can eat unlimited from morning until night until you’ve had enough.

Are you ready to get to know the secret? Well if you really want it, this topic deserved a whole blog post so make sure you subscribe for my newsletter and get the child like easy feeding instructions.

Unfortunately the instructions in the media are not so clear. Nobody makes money to teach you to eat potatoes, therefor only few of us will actually do it. 

This was actually the whole reason why I started this blog – to serve you with the unpopular second opinion.

This is not a conspiracy theory, just a reflection of today’s era

What I wish from you is that you don’t take this whole conceiving thing too personally and go throw a bomb into pharmacies. Pharmacists do not wish to poison you deliberately neither do supplement distributors, butchers or milkmen or alcohool and coffee companies… 

How do I know this?

It’s simple: If butchers wanted to make you sick by feeding you meet, they for sure wouldn’t consume it themselves and give it to their children. Let’s face it, butchers are often just as fat and have just as much clogged arteries than their loyal customers.

Doctors and pharmacists take, when they feel sick, the same drugs they prescribe to you. In general they are not much healthier than we are. Despite their high intelligence they often lack a wide perspective. While looking at their limited field of their branch (specialists), it is very likely that they can miss to see the wholeness in which most truth is hidden.

Let's be good animals first and respect the laws of nature

When you look at food or anything else only through its particles and ingredients (carbs, fats, protein), you quickly forget, that those nutrients never grow on their own in nature. They grow in packages. Nature isn’t stupid. It is made according to the principle, that it’s consisting particles form a complexed, interdependent whole. Nature is perfect. It has been evolving for millions of years and everything in it has its own purpose, even if sometimes we don’t see it. 

People are the ones, who wish to dissect it and then be smart about what some parts of a whole do. Sadly, we are often proved by nature that those acts do more harm than good. The more we try to subordinate it, the more we violate its principles and abuse it, the more these decisions will backfire on us. 

In the light of this “smartness” we drink milk from other species’ babies because we want their calcium. At the same time we are sometimes aware of the harm of all the fats inside it. Some people can’t even digest it properly and develop diarrhea and constipation from it. But that doesn’t discourage them from staying away, no thy drink a “lactose free” one. It’s an absurd world we live in, that’s for sure.

We also eat less fatty parts of meat and egg whites because we want the holy protein but not the fat. We bake bread with lower carbs in fear of gaining weight. Very rarely it happens that we stop and become aware of the absurd of our actions. If we looked at all of that from the perspective of the planet, ecosystems and nature, from the desire of preserving whole, we would be ashamed of our “thick mind”. But we don’t. That is why we still drink proteins, eat low sugar desserts and fill up our bodies with tons of chicken breast. 

But beware, we do separate the garbage, after all, we must act ecological. We do this and don’t realize, that if we gave up eating all previously mentioned foods for one day, we would contribute to pollution and degradation of the environment less then by separating garbage all year. 

If this blog by any chance made you lose interest in stressing out about carbs and if for a change, you would be willing to learn about the actual food, I invite you to join my newsletter and wait for my next blog. I will give you instructions that couldn’t be any clearer and you will be able to incorporate them in your life the very next day. 

For me, that action has more than paid off, that is why I am sure, that you will also be surprised about what you discover on your journey of positive change. 

Message to take home

I know that my articles undermine some deeply rooted beliefs, which you have (and we all have) shaped in your early life stages. It is highly unlikely that you will hear similar arguments against meat, eggs and dairy on your national TV. Instead of that, the guests on TV shows will go around the indications about their negative impacts by teaching you how to make yoghurts out of milk at home. They will say that this way, milk will change its substance and you will digest it easier. But this is all a bunch of nonsense.

If something is harmful to your body, it is just bad in genereal. Why wasting your time playing a cheese factory if you can simply ditch it and cook a nice vegetable stew for dinner?

I know that many of you doubt what I am saying is true and you are angry about me, attacking your beloved food. Eggs are, so they say, the perfect food, and as a male, you need meat and so on. Let me remind you, that you are probably reading this blog because it is you, who have a problem, not me.

I resolved my issues on the exact same way I am describing to you in my lines. I used to enjoy drinking milk and eating rich cheesy pizzas and chicken thighs as well. But my body enjoyed the effects of those foods way less. Luckily, I put my wellbeing before pleasures and traditions and old beliefs. What good could have come from me, defending my old habits with eagerness and non-deserved enthusiasm?

Nothing, absolutely nothing! I would have the same or worse issues than before. If your lifestyle has gotten you to a situation you genuinely don’t like, you must change something to receive a change in your body and health. Unfortunately small changes are usually too small for people to see the benefits in our bodies and health fast enough (you all know how impatient we are). That is exactly why I am a big believer in thorough some would say drastic change.

What you will do with the information you got today is completely your decision. If you still wish to stay lost while battling with your dietary issues, then deal with carbs and protein. If you want to solve your issues with food once and for all, then I have a small suggestion for you.

Currently I am leading a project called the 21 day starch challenge and I invite you to join. It is a way of eating that shows the middle finger to all the smart guys on TV and in other media, which tells you precisely what food to eat in abundance and which food you should ditch. In this challenge, I lead you through your change with online support. I help you easily sail into a new way of eating, where there are no complicated rules and measures. You will quickly realize how easy and cheap and satisfying healthy eating really is. We also formed a Facebook group, where we post helpful information and recipes for your journey daily. The group was made only for the participants of the challenge and for people interested in it. Challenge is free and it only requires you let us use your story to inform and encourage other people to at least try this way of eating.

Don’t worry this way of eating is not a novelty of mine. The founder of this approach to eating is Dr. John McDougall (licensed doctor of internal medicine). Dr. McDougall has been helping people regain their health mostly by helping them adopt a starch based diet with no oils. There are also other doctors who recommend simillar nutrition, such as for example Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Neil Barnard and many others. 

My goal is simply to help people, who are bothered by all the nutrition confusion and they wish to have some specific guidelines on how to eat and not lose their minds in the process. My goal is to help you achieve precisely that and to also become confident about your food choices. To see, how I am easily doing that in my own life, you are welcome to follow my Facebook or Instagram page. After I’m done with you, no new trick or “miracle” of the food industry will be able to change your mind. After all, food should never be the issue of developed civilizations. It only became that, because we started acting as rulers of this world and not just one species. We made every living creature and ecosystem kneel under us. 

Now, we are facing the consequences of our ignorance.

Lucky Shelly